What is a UtiliGuard® Power Quality System?

A UtiliGuard® Power Quality System is a state-of-the-art power management system that protects all of the equipment within the entire environment—be that a business or an entire plant.

How Does It Work?

The UtiliGuard® Power Quality System is hard wired to each circuit breaker panel that protects all electrical equipment in the environment, not just some. Every time a motor switches on or off, or some other load switches on or off, electrical transients can be generated within the building that return to that panel. At this point, the UtiliGuard® Power Quality System will eliminate any and all electrical problems traveling at 85 picoseconds or slower (trillionths of a second) at 130 volts or higher.

If a motor runs cooler, does that mean that it is less powerful or runs slower?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! With the UtiliGuard® Power Quality System, the motor is using exactly the amount of electricity it needs to do its job, and its RPMs have not changed simply because it is using less power than a motor using more power. When a motor runs cooler, productivity is not hindered. In fact, the life of the electrical equipment is doubled for every ten degrees cooler that the motor runs. That lowers the cost of maintenance, and is just one of the ways that our products save your customers money.

Does the UtiliGuard® Power Quality System interfere with other energy saving machinery?

NO! Our products were engineered with the consumer’s best interest in mind.

Do you have anything that can control the whole business?

ABSOLUTELY! The Utiliguard® Power Quality System will monitor the whole electrical system in the business.

Has this equipment been tested in actual use?

ABSOLUTELY! All of our products have been extensively tested. In addition, we have letters of recommendation and testimonials from actual people who use these products in their businesses. They show how exceptionally well our products work, and testify to how much money your clients can save by using them.

Can this equipment damage machinery or the electrical system?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! None of our products has ever damaged any other electrical equipment.

But what if your products fail and other electrical equipment is damaged?

In the unlikely event that an extremely large power surge or transient disables the UtiliGuard® Power Quality System and other electrical equipment is damaged or destroyed, then UtiliGuard®.com, will repair or replace the damaged equipment up to $100,000. This takes any and all responsibility away from the Distributor.

What is the Warranty on the UtiliGuard® Power Quality System product line?

LIFETIME WARRANTY. If a UtiliGuard® Power Quality System fails for any reason, it will be replaced free of charge. Our current failure rate is less than 1/4 of 1%.

Are the customers’ electrical savings guaranteed?

ABSOLUTELY! The customers’ electrical savings are guaranteed by UtiliGuard®.

Can the customer get their money back if they are not satisfied?

If you do not receive the quoted savings within a two year period, you will be written a check for the difference of what is guaranteed and what was actually saved.

Do adjustments have to be made after installation?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! All products are pre-set at the factory.

Who can use these products?

Our products can benefit small business owners, large companies, industrial plants, or anyone who wants to save energy and money.