treebulb_topOUR MISSION:

We help business and homeowners protect their electrical equipment and devices from damaging surges, harmonics, and lightning strikes, and reduce their electricity costs.


Energy Consumption Management is a distributor of a Power Quality and Conditioning system called Utiliguard. Utiliguard’s circuit board uses cooling technology pioneered by NASA, and as a result, is able to guarantee consumers the value and benefits offered below. 

  1. LIFE-TIME System Warranty & $100,000 Insurance Policy
  2. Guaranteed 20% Energy Savings per Month for Businesses, 10% for Homes
  3. Lightning Strike Protection
  4. 30-50% Reduction in Maintenance & Repair Cost of Your Equipment Per Year
  5. Protects & Extends the LIFE-Span of ALL electrical equipment and devices; Computers, electronics, motors, A/C etc.
  6. Provides Power Factor Correction
  7. Harmonic Filtering Eliminates Surges
  8. Protects Variable Frequency Drives
  9. Enhanced Overall Power Quality
  10. NO Monthly Monitoring FEE or Maintenance required
  11. Units are Transferable if you MOVE
  12. TVSS Protection
  13. Increases Productivity by Reducing Down-Time, Data Loss, and Product Loss
  14. Pays for itself – Usually within 24 months
  15. Year-Round, Year-After-Year, energy savings!