logo-websiteIn today’s business world, bottom line profitability and efficient production are Everything.

Did you know that damaging power surges occur hundreds of thousands of times per hour in your home or facility? THATS RIGHT! This causes your equipment to run hotter and harder, which equals higher energy bills and increased maintenance and repair cost each year.

At ECM, we can help you protect your valuable equipment, SAVE money on your energy bills, and extend your equipments lifespan; GUARANTEED!


Energy Consumption Management is a distributor of a Power Quality & Conditioning System called Utiliguard.
Utiliguard guarantees to:

•  Reducing energy costs by 20% for business, 10% for homes; INSURED & GUARANTEED!
•  Reduce equipment maintenance and repair costs by as much as 30% to 50%!
•  Protect ALL electrical equipment and devices from surges, harmonics, and lightning Strikes!
•  Increase the lifespan of ALL electrical equipment and devices!
•  Eliminate costly downtime and data loss!

picIt is understood today that 90% of all power quality problems and Surge Activity are created by the equipment inside your home or facility. Once the UtiliGuard® Power Quality system is installed, you will begin to experience clean power, STOP all surge activity from reaching your equipment; including lightning strikes, and begin saving money on your electricity bill. The Utiliguard® Power Quality & Conditioning System comes with a Lifetime Warranty, and a $100,000 insurance policy. Designed for Results, Built for Life!

ECM will help you leave a smaller greener footprint, and reduce your impact on the environment.

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